Wednesday, March 10, 2010

She says

She says, it's the simple fact that you know there will always be someone better than your partner. There will always be someone who is better-looking, taller, smarter, funnier, and all that but you have to decide to be together because you choose each other and work on the relationship and looking for that smarter, better-looking, funnier person is going to be another set of things to work on, and you're not even sure if that person is going to do the same thing for you in return.

you know?

So you have to make a choice and stick with it. And that's not settling, because what's important is how you make each other feel like you make me want to be a better me.
So if I'm trying to make myself pretty, that's not because I wanna attract other guys. That's just part of becoming a better version of me because that's how you make me feel.

That's why I don't want a day to pass without knowing that you're okay and how your day went because that's part of the hardwork we need to do.
I trust you, yes. But that doesn't mean I just leave you doing anything you want without getting involved with your daily life you know? cuz that's part of KNOWING you.
Sorry that's too many words, I know, but you need to understand how I see this relationship babe.
Im probably the most rational and logical girl you'll ever meet. Im very practical about relationships. It's not all about emotions emotions. It's all about analyzing why i feel this way, what makes me feel this way.

I think a lot you know.
Im a thinking person, not a feeling person. that's what the psychoanalysis says about me.
I dont act on emotions. I think everything thoroughly first.
I dont rush into things.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Era Cap

Please help me to choose... Damn... Cant even think which one is nice, coz i want them all.. haha

1) Atlanta Braves Big Mesh 59FIFTY Fitted

2) Atlanta Braves Epic Word 59FIFTY Fitted

3) Boston Red Sox 59FIFTY Fitted

4) Boston Red Sox Epic Word 59FIFTY Fitted

5) Boston Red Sox NU Tymes 940 Adjustable

6) Boston Red Sox Seasonal Basic 59FIFTY

7) Boston Red Sox Straw 59FIFTY Fitted

8) Buffalo Sabres Alternate 59FIFTY Fitted

9) Detroit Tigers Epic Word 59FIFTY Fitted

10) Toronto Blue Jays 59FIFTY Fitted

In case you guys wanna check the other design... they have like thousand of it.. You can check it here...

New Era (eFashion Solutions)